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chiropractic_sliderLocated in Greenville, PA, Family Greatness Chiropractic welcomes you and your family to come enjoy a wonderful, first-class healing experience.

Combining skill and specialty expertise, the team at Family Greatness Chiropractic provides outstanding and committed care whether you’re looking to heal or feel even better!

They work with you to bring you better health and a better way of life by allowing you and your children’s bodies to WORK the way they were meant to! “Every person deserves to be healthy from conception and throughout their life. We are committed to providing quality care to the whole family to bring about a healthier future.” explains Dr. Jordan Bowen

At Family Greatness Chiropractic, patients can be assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  Your health is our number one priority!

Our Purpose

A dire situation in our community in which children and families are sick and suffering while thinking this is normal.

Our Goal

Our goal for every one of our patients is to impact their life by giving hope, finding appropriate avenues to reduce their stress, and developing lifelong health and wellness through chiropractic care.

Catalyzing Statement

We lead children and their families in our community to a healthy future.

Using Technology

dr-checking200 technology used200At Family Greatness Chiropractic we utilize state of the art scanning technology to provide the most accurate evaluations possible. The Insight Subluxation Station technology has been certified by the space foundation and is utilized by astronauts, athletes and anyone who wants to be at the top of what they do. The scans do not put anything into the body like tests such as x-rays do and so it is 100% safe for mothers and newborns! These scans allow us to take a look at what the nervous system is doing. They show the balance of your body and how your body is reacting to the stress put upon it, also known as adaptation. This technology is the best in the world at providing the information we need to make your care as effective as possible!

Family Greatness Chiropractic

We opened our practice originally in August of 2012 as Bowen Chiropractic Center and then in the summer of 2016 we realized the office needed an overhaul and had our grand opening as Family Greatness Chiropractic!

All for You

We desired a practice with a warm, inviting, family setting. We wanted our patients to know they can trust us, and that we are here to serve their entire family and community. We wanted patients to know they can come to us for advice of any sort, at any time, and that we would be there to help them.

Unique Philosophy and Treatment Options

What is unique about our office is our vision and dedication for family wellness, pregnancy, and pediatric health in our community. No other chiropractic office is set up quite like ours, and you will get that “family feel” from the moment you walk into our beautiful office.

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