Family Greatness Chiropractic

chiropractic_sliderLocated in Greenville, PA, We welcome you and your family to come enjoy a wonderful, chiropractic experience.

Combining skill and specialty expertise, we provide outstanding and committed care in a unique way.

We help you experience life by allowing you and your children’s bodies to WORK the way they were created.

“Every person deserves to be healthy from conception and throughout their life. When your spine and nervous system are working properly, you can handle stress better thereby be truly healthy. We are committed to providing quality care to the whole family to bring about a healthier future.” explains Dr. Jordan Bowen

We care for you like we care for our own family! 

Family Greatness Chiropractic

We opened our practice originally in August of 2012 as Bowen Chiropractic Center and then in the summer of 2016 we realized there was a need in our community that needed met and so reopened as Family Greatness Chiropractic

All for You

A practice designed for you with a warm, inviting, family setting. We want you to know you can trust us, and that we are here to serve your entire family and community in our unique office style and philosophy.

Unique Philosophy

We believe that stress kills and takes away from experiences with your family. Continued chiropractic care through a monthly affordable rate allows you to handle your stress and excel in life.

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