Transformation….The beginning

Transformation….The beginning

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan Bowen. I am a chiropractor. While I speak to people every day about their health, I have found that mine has been decreasing. Right now I am 30 years old and am married to the most amazing woman on the planet. She wants me to be happy and healthy and while I seem happy on the outside, inside I am angry. Angry that I let myself get like this. I am 6’2 and weigh 235 pounds. According to skinfold measurements, I am at 25% bodyfat! 25%!!  That means for every 4 pound in my body, 1 pound is pure fat. That is disgusting. I have decided enough is enough and decided to document my journey to health.

A little more about myself, I own my practice in Greenville, PA called Family Greatness Chiropractic. It is a direct care office which means that people pay directly to our office instead of going through insurance. This allows us to keep our rates low while providing excellent care that individuals need instead of having a third party dictate care needs. I also am The Jeep Chiro. You can find me on Instagram: JeepChiro , Twitter: @jeepchiro , and Facebook: JeepChiro. I enjoy Jeep Wranglers. The feeling they give and the lifestyle they portray. This is a lifestyle that says fun, healthy and free. These 3 things are values of mine as well and it is time to get back to them.

I will be releasing pictures and videos as well as normal blog posts to show my transformation. After trying many different diets and exercise programs in the past, I have found that in order to make it last, I must think of it as a lifestyle change and not a diet or program. I am notorious for starting these programs and not looking at it for the long haul and instead looking for a quicker fix. NOT THIS TIME BUCCO! (bucko? Who knows this is my blog so my made up spellings)

I am documenting this so that at the end, people will have a roadmap they too can follow if they desire. I will be utilizing Advocare products through this journey. I have tried them before with great results but then I stopped because I didn’t change my lifestyle. I will also be doing bodyweight exercises and cardio in order to make this anyone can follow without fancy gym equipment.

I have decided to sign up with Advocare. First reason is for the discount. When creating a lifestyle change and not just a short term goal, that discount will add up over time. The second reason is that should others want to follow this journey, we can create a community or tribe together allowing for better cohesion under a brand.

Right before this journey, my wife and I bought a Jeep Wrangler JKU (4 Door Wrangler). I will also be sharing and documenting the journey of that from stock vehicle to our Family Greatness-mobile.

If this is something that you would like to follow and be a part of, you can follow the blog at and can find me for the purposes of this journey at:

Instagram: JeepChiro

Twitter: @jeepchiro

Facebook: JeepChiro


I appreciate your time and support.

Health and Happiness,

Jordan Bowen DC the Jeep Chiro



Before pics of me and the Jeep

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Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken

All day long we are bombarded with people telling us how to live our lives. Actually I am going to also tell you how to live your life. I’m not trying to sell you a product. All I want is for you to live your life to the best of your ability. You need to determine what you want in life and go for it! Sometimes that requires you to take a step back and evaluate your goals.

Not going to point fingers at anyone so lets focus on myself. Let me be honest with you, I am horrible when talking about goals. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas but actually sitting down and turning those thoughts into actual goals is a real sticking point for me. I don’t know if its because I don’t want to lock myself into a certain goal, if its because I don’t want to be accountable when I do not meet the goal. I do not know what it is but I really have to force myself to sit down to determine goals.

The benefits of goal setting is amazing though. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you will be much farther along than not setting a goal in the first place. Without goals and vision, you can’t determine what in life will help or hinder you. For example, say your goal is to lose weight. You go to the store and see a box of snack cakes. Now snack cakes might be your favorite, but since you have your goal you know that the snack cakes will not help you reach your goal. You might instead pick up a bag of almonds to satisfy the need to snack.

Be yourself in what you do and you will find that things that used to matter might not mean much anymore. Things that you thought didn’t matter, might mean the world to you. Forget what Opera or Dr. Oz is telling you that you have to do in order to be happy with your life. There is so much depression in the world and that is partially due to the fact people do not follow their dreams.

Life is an adventure, Enjoy the Journey!!

Dr. J