All these come down to STRESS!

ADHD, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorders

It is well known that all of these diagnosable conditions involve issues with the Communication System in your child’s body.  Our brain needs this Communication System to perceive signals coming from the environment


When talking about Asthma and Allergies, we look at the ability for the Respiratory System to function.  The Master System (brain and nervous system) controls all systems including the Respiratory system.


Athletes spend countless hours training their minds and bodies to master their sport. Staying connected is essential for optimal performance and allows them to have complete access to their full potential.


Lack of bladder control can cause shame, guilt and impaired social skills at any age especially on older children. Embarrassment, alarms, plastic mattress covers, and not being able to have sleepovers are all very stressful for a child.


85% of all children will suffer from at least one ear infection before their 1st birthday!  Ear infections may be common, but they are not normal!Parents start to feel helpless and tired of the endless cycle of antibiotics, tubes, and surgeries which never seem to work for long.


While the birth process can be an exciting time for the mom-to-be, we often do not realize how traumatic it can be on the baby’s tiny little body.Why? Squeezing through the cramped birth canal puts pressure on the baby’s spine and cranium — even under normal, natural births.


Whenever something is “not working”, it is a good idea to first remember how it is supposed to normally work.  When talking about the Immune System, it is designed to help protect our bodies from any “invaders” to our system – things like viruses, bacteria, and bad germs.


At first glance, most people don’t see the connection between chiropractic and pregnancy. But in fact it could be argued that  there is no better time to ensure you are maximizing the communication between your brain and body!


What do you do when a debilitating headache or migraine hits? Do you turn the lights off and lie down? Just suffer through it? Pop a couple pills and hope it goes away?